Veteran’s Achievement Program


Our Veterans struggle to maintain independence and seek relief in positions of vulnerability. Chronic issues such as homelessness, medical and emotional issues, physical disabilities, unemployment, poverty and neglect are barriers which suppress veterans even further. While Veterans themselves have endured the burden of transitioning back to a normal life after service, their families also suffer from related problems such as emotional, economic, and social adjustment.  Community services and therapy for veterans may seem limited in comparison to the vast amount of individuals who require the services and mental health support.


Balance Restored Group has designed an interactive achievement program that not only focuses on the basic mental health therapy offered by most programs, but places the wellness of the individual in front of the mental health diagnosis. We involve our veterans in a training that helps them experience the feeling of hope, understand the stresses of daily living and identify skills needed to cope and function as an independent part of society.  Listening, understanding and learning to relate to Veterans and their family’s needs are important factors that will indicate alternative support through “direct access programs” that should be designed especially for Veterans and their families.






Schools are not exempt from life crisis.  Up to one in five students living in the U.S. shows signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder, and whether the student is treated or not; they continue to go to school.  Students that have silent psychological imbalances develop behaviors that tie negatively into their personal lives and education, sometimes having an adverse effect in their homes or in the school.  It is important to maintain linkages between schools and community service and resources to enhance the well-being of students and their families.


Balance Restored Group offers mental wellness support and developmental trainings to encompass students in addressing chronic absences, disruptive behaviors, low self-esteem, academic challenges and failures, social anxieties, bullying, depression, substance abuse and suicidal ideation.  All of these very serious and realistic issues are occurring daily within the school system leading to an increased rate of student drop outs and low records of achievement for your school.





We enhance the mental capacity of the employees that you hire through a series of trainings tailored to encourage mental wellness development.  Workplace culture makes an organization unique.  It is the calculation of your employee’s values, beliefs, traditions, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.  Employee retention, workplace stress, low performance motivation, safety and disaster in the workplace are major concerns that employers face.


Balance Restored Group works with staff, management and talent personnel to enrich the organizational culture, as well as the management/employee relationship.  We hearten the leadership across the board and dramatically reduce retention by boosting employee morale.  Management can invest in their employees by listening to them, investing in them through trainings that inspire their development, and team building challenges where they learn and feel effective and essential in their environment.  A contented staff is relate-able to a businesses success and future growth.



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